Linksys WRT54G stuff

wrt-radauth - Radius MAC authenticator for Broadcom based AccessPoints

wrt-radauth authenticates all wireless stations associating to an AP by querying a radius-server, using the stations MAC as an identifier. If the authentication is rejected, the card is put on an internal blacklist and gets actively disassociated.
Doing MAC authentication on a central radius server simplifies administration, as there is only one place (the radius server) to edit the list of allowed stations instead of keeping separate lists on each AP in sync.
The radius-request ist compatible with the request sent by Karlnet/Lucent/Orinoco/Avaya/Agere/... APs, so an existing site-wide radius- server can be used.
Find the software here
Download as .tar.gz

If you want to download a complete firmware including wrt-radauth, please look at DD-WRT from BrainSlayer.

Patches to software I use on my WRT54G

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